Floor guide & Highlights

Learn about Kiku-Masamune

The Sake Brewing Exhibit Room, as the most prominent feature of the museum, displays sake brewery equipment, most pieces of which are collectively designated as important tangible folk cultural property by the national government. The display of sake brewery equipment provides you with a real experience of the work and lives of brewers, and the long-inherited Kimoto method.

Savor Kiku-Masamune

In the tasting area, you can try seasonal specialty sake, including raw, unprocessed sake, which is not processed by heat.
Our original Sake Brewery Soft Ice Cream is also very popular.

* Please note that items served here may be out of stock.

Discover Kiku-Masamune

Not only the Sake Brewing Exhibit Room but other various exhibits, including a large solid signboard, the chair on which Emperor Showa sat when he visited the brewery, and a huge picture of a beautiful woman, also await you.

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Floor Layout

Many other “must-sees” await you!

  • Sugidama may look like a
    certain famous character
    from that position!
  • The museum also has a
    large collection of sake cups
    you may not have ever seen!
  • This ceramic raccoon dog says,
    “The sake I love is Kiku-Masamune.”